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Tribute to Masterblaster!!!!!!!

SACHIN TENDULKAR made a world record when he scored 200* at 2nd one day international against South Africa at took 442 matches in 20 years of his cricketing career to reach this stage..and yet he played more like a 20 yr old than a 36 yr old....he was simply awesome....the feeling u get when u see him get the 200th run cannot be has to be experienced...and all those who have not seen the game are missing something big!!
I saw the match albeit late...and still was biting my nails watching the highlights wondering when he was gonna take that 200th was a treat to watch the master batsman....maybe I am gonna overuse adjectives coz any number of adjectives will fall short of describing the man, the occasion, the moment in history of cricket!
I dont know much about the techniques in batting so I am not gonna say he batted flawlessly....or that the technique was superb...but I am going to say about the he kept his he batted tirele…

Congratulations my darling sis

My todays post is dedicated to the newest Dr little sister mithila....m just so proud of her...cant believe baby sis is a doctor! been a long route no in karad for 5 n 1/2 yrs is no mean feet...all the students of KIMS must be given additional marks just for living in that place without losing their heads...
        as i write this post, she must be standing there in auditorium full of people wearing the black robe taking the hippocrates oath....m so missing not being there, seeing her graduate....there are tears of joy welling up just imagining the situation...i dont know how i wud be reacting if i were there in person.....anu n ushma are gonna be there with mom n dad....m so jealous of both of u...but am happy she has u guys to share her happy moment with....two sisters required to compensate for the absence of one.....
       she is gonna make a perfect doctor...the way she is a perfect sister, n perfect daughter.......Way to go yet i know til…

5 point someone VS 3 idiots

lemme first say...both are gr8 works of their own areas they both are great...but if i  have to pick one of the two...i will pick 5 point someone...

why i like 5 point someone over 3 idiots
  the subplots in the book are the amazing ideas Ryan comes up with, esp the C2D (co operate to dominate)..i was in splits when i read about it....loved the neha - hari love story...the love story unfolds very well...and all the dates are sweet and funny...Ryan's idea about making lip stick holder is just so sweet !the idea that the main characters in the story are 5 point someones....thats unique..the vodka party over the water veera with his faith in ryan's abilities..Ryan's successful experimentation with the lubricating engine oil..the manner in which Prof Cherian realizes about his son's deathlongest day of my life part one n two :) just too good....u just cant keep the book down till the endIn 3 idiots :
well the filmmakers still cant believe…

happy valentines day

on the eve of this valentines day.....just one thought crosses my mind...

बस अब बहोत हुआ... तुम जहां भी हो...जो भी हो...मेरे सामने आ जाओ.....मैं थक गयी इंतज़ार करते करते... मेरा विश्वास मेरे नसीब से उठ जाये उसके पहले आ जाओ....मेरे भरोसे को टूटने मत दो...मेरे सामने हो तोह...मुझे अपने दिल की बात कह दो...बहोत miss किया है मैंने तुम्हे......पिछले दस सालों में .....अभी तोह आ जाओ...अपना चेहरा दिखाओ मुझे बस....

song of the day: yeh duriyaan from love aaj kal

just m so tired today....was a very busy day at the restaurant...i don't know...each valentines day i feel happy despite no one being there in my life that every yr i am going closer to the one am gonna meet....but somehow this time hope eludes me...i don't know if m low or just tired...bye good night...


one of the most underestimated weapon (for the lack of a better word)...its hard to be angry on someone after hearing a heartfelt apology...and the best part is, the words are so powerful and healing that most of the bitter and harsh words are forgotten...and both the people feel better, the one who apologizes and the who is the receiver of the apology...
     i heard somewhere, a lot of law suits can be avoided by something as simple as saying "you are sorry"
it might take a toll on people's ego though...coz a lot of people believe that they never make a mistake...and apologizing also means that you admit you made a mistake...accepting their mistake is what hurts most people more than saying sorry...
    but isnt accepting mistake, saying sorry, and moving beyond a issue better and more fun that ruminating some unpleasant event in your life..and why is saying sorry more difficult to people who know you and are close to dont mind saying sorry to a stranger on the…

I Wonder

I wonder..
if you think about me..what do u think
if you miss u do something about it
if you wish i was there next to u, holding your hand when you are down..
if you can imagine a life without me..
if you can imagine me with someone else..
if you feel the terror that something might be going wrong somewhere and you are too far to do anything about it.
if you feel you made a mistake somewhere down the line
if you wake up in middle of night thinking about me..
if you feel like seeing me smile would erase all your worries..
if you would cross the ocean for me
if you feel you could face anything if i were by your side

I wonder, if you wonder that do I have these thoughts too..

Song of the day: you raise me up by westlife