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why do we

why do we,
we listen to the same song but hear different words
look at the same painting, but see different colours
react differently, when exposed to same situation

why cant we behave similarly,
even when we know how the other would behave
we know each other so well,
that we know what the other thinks,
what the other feels,
yet we cant feel differently ourselves
and we cant agree to disagree.

yet we walk together, hands in hand
with the knowledge in our heart
that we are together
no matter what :)

this is the beauty of writing my mind...i myself dont know whats in it at times...and how i am going to end a post when i begin writing it...and at times such as this..i surprise myself, and bring a smile on my face and hopefully yours too :)

song of the day: har dil jo pyaar karega...

heart n sweetheart

today a thought struck began with the word "sweetheart" commonly used while addressing your girlfriend/ boyfriend, husband/ wife...i wondered who came up with this word...and was it a medical person or non medical...and if a medical person, did he purposely choose heart because of its varied characteristics....

of course, heart has nothing to do with is just a pump which pumps blood to rest of the body...yes it is indispensable organ, without which we would die...but so is brain, lung, liver, spleen, skin etc they are all single indispensible organs with certain very important fucntions and if those functions were not performed we would die....i know there are two lungs but here i am treating them as one organ...

also, i thought, if important people had to be given an analogy with an organ in ur body, what would your parents, siblings, husband/wife, and best friends be....

well i dont know about other important people, but i guess ur sweetheart is indee…

garlic rolls

ever since my friend gauri posted this recipe on her blog i was dying to making it....the only thing that kept me from making was i thought it was a super complex thing....i mean how could a person make such professional looking bread rolls at home...i thought this rolls were beyond my scope...anyways, this monday i told myself to give it a shot...after all the recipe was right there...i just had to follow it...and LO BEHOLD, i managed to make it...i cudnt believe it, i made those rolls....i think my fairy godmother dusted some of her magical fairy dust on them.....well, here is the recipe, and if u follow them am sure my fairy godmother would be generous with you too and your rolls will be super as well

Ingredients: for the dough: 3 cups whole wheat flour3 and 3/4 tbsp melted butter (45 gm)1 egg (1/2 for dough, 1/2 for glaze)2 and 3/4 tsp sugar1 n 1/2 cup warm milk  1/2 tsp yeast1 tsp oilsalt to taste for the garlic spread 1 tbsp garlic paste2 tbsp olive oil1 tbsp parmesan cheese (any shr…

chocolate crepe

i had chocolate crepe at a french restaurant...and i am totally hooked to of my favorite desserts...and its really simple to make too...and i like to call it the chocolate dosa :)

i made them following this chocolate crepe recipe.

my tips: use non stick pan to make it...put batter on pan and spread it like u wud spread a dosa, and then once it is semi cooked apply butter to sides and spread little all over the crepe too...if its spread thin enough then u dont need to flip it and cook...if its thick u might need to do it

when the crepe is cooked, it will automatically separate from the pan, so u just have to lift from edges...

do not lose hope if u spoil initial 2 or 3 might take a while till u get the hang of making patient and make the next crepe...

its super delicious when u spread in nutella or chocolate sauce, and add chopped strawberries or banana....and garnish it with some cream.....serve them hot for best serve as u make...

i just had…

good bye

loved this take on the fairy tale

A fairy tale always have a happy ending but does it have a perfect start? And what about the parts unseen and undiscovered.

This is the story of a simple girl. She lived with her sweet parents. One day she went to the woods playing around and made a new friend. They became best of the friends and started hanging out together everyday. Soon they grew up and their silly games started turning into realities. From friends they became lovers but they still loved playing games with each other. At the end that was the thing that always connected them... They were great lovers but they always brought out the darker side of each other. One day while playing the game of their life they both lost and that was it... they parted ways... The story does not end here...

This is the time her mother died and her father got her a step mother and two step sisters. They used to treat her like maid... This girl was Cinderella...whose story we all know... who met her Prin…

mix veg paratha

parathas are one of the most widely loved north indian food preparation....the best part is once u learn to make one type of paratha u can make all kinds :) :)
the most difficult part of paratha is rolling it out...but let me assure u that with some very simple tips, u can make them easily (provided u know how to knead the dough and make regular chapatis or rotis or tortillas ;)
Ingredients for the dough:2 cups whole wheat flour2 tsp oilwater (as needed to make a soft dough)salt as per taste for the stuffing finely chopped mix vegetables (cauliflower, peas, beans, carrot, corn)finely chopped onionfinely chopped cilantrogreen chilly pasteginger pastegarlic pastered chilly powderturmeric powder (haldi)cumin and coriander powder (dhaniya jeera)pinch of garam masalasaltsugar (just for sweet touch)lemon juice Method: for the dough in a bowl mix flour salt and oil....add water in small quantities and knead the dough till the flour doesnt stick to sides is soft to touch....coat the bowl with little …