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dear mom,

dear mom,
i am still your little princess mom
there are times i still wanna hold ur hand
i still need you to tell me to eat
and force one more morsel down my mouth
i miss u mom
when i dont know what to eat
i miss u when i go to sleep
and i want to feel u patting me
i have grown, but my needs are the same,
i want to hug u tight and lay in ur lap
through the night
i miss u, when i open the door
and i am greeted by a dark, cold flat
i miss u in all my victories
when i try out new recipes
i want u to be by my side and
pat my back with great pride
i need u here when i celebrate
to cheer for me when i graduate
i need u here, with me, forever and always...
in all my highs plateaus and low,
coz highs are not high enough without u
and lows seem lower than they are...
i miss u mom...i love u..
life just isn't the same without u here..

song of the day: one of my mom's favourite song...and mine too...hum aapki aankhon the banter! :)

strawberry meringue pie

so this weekends delight was strawberry meringue pie.....more than the pie i was challenged to do the meringue....and i wanted to know if i got it right....well i did get it right for the most part....and yes as usual i did make some changes in the recipe and i am giving u the original links too...i need more practice setting meringue on the it can be more decorative! other than that the pie taste fabulous :)
for the pie crust

one cup wheat flour1/2 cup solid butter (cut it into cubes)2 tablespoons sugarfor the filling
1 1/2 cup strawberries1 cup sugar3 egg yolks1/2 tsp salt1/2 cup cream (i used whipped, but heavy is better)2tbsp + 2 tsp wheat flourfor the meringue
2 tbsp sugar2 tbsp corn flour3 egg whites5 tbsp sugar1/2 tsp vanilla1/4 tsp saltlittle more than 1/2 cup waterfirst of all i wanna tell u....dont get intimidated by the name of the dish or number of ingredients!!! is a very simple dish to make.....almost all the ingredients are going to be the…

lessons learned

today i had a fantastic day....i attended couple of lectures....and there were so many take home messages that were spoken in context of career or work but could be applied to personal life (relationships, family interactions) too....
i wont waster time writing prologue to we are...capsules of knowledge :)

5 important things to take care of so u DONT mess your CAREER
Quality of service you provide: of course superior quality will result in better profits and prevent loss of customers.Know your customers: its wise to know who you are actually serving...take time out..get to know them....ultimately they are the reason why you have your bread butter jam cheese etc etc :)Love your work: take interest in whatever you are doing, and do it at the best of your ability.Dont talk ill about your BOSS: yes...this ones a biggie...after all he is the one with more say than u !dont belittle your employees: they should love working for you, only then will they put in their 100%now are some…

World Cup 2011...the nation celebrates!!!

India has won the world cup....We are the world champs...the feeling is not yet sinking in....i didnt know how much this meant to me till i finished watching the highlights....till i heaved the sigh of relief....i didnt know there was so much pent up tension within me.....

as far as i remember, it was 1996 world cup, when i understood the importance of it...i remember going to see the match in a new york theater with was india-australia match....and we lost the game....thats all i remember about it...

next was 1999 world was being played in england, and there was so much hype about hyping india as the defending champions as per the venue.....but i dont really remember any of the tournament...i was in 10th then...i think the tournament happened during my board exams....whatever......

i followed 2003 world cup quite religiously....i remember being super excited about india- australia finals....seeing it and watching india lose.....

2007, i followed it....…

lebanese dinner

well my blog is turning out to be a food blog more than anything...but then, this is about my interests and i love there sure is gonna be lots of recipes on it..and these days as i have time on my hand, trying new cuizines is something i am doing at the moment...and well, i am finding out that its turning really good...thats the process i am enjoying right now....making exotic sounding dishes at home....and i hope to incorporate it on a day to day basis....there is nothing exotic about the ingredients!!! trust me, most of the stuff will be in your home daily...and the taste is out of this world...having satisfaction of being able to cook some awesome dishes in the same time is something you have to do to feel......

and imagine the variety u get sitting in ur home!! all u people out there....have to try making these dishes at home and enjoy the feeling it gives :) :)

so today for dinner i had: hummus, baba ghanoush, pita bread and salad

2 cups boiled ka…