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my cupcake project

This post has been long overdue....I was inspired by my friend Gauri to make cupcakes...She posted so many pretty pics of cupcakes on facebook, I kept craving to have them...and of course the baker in me stopped me from buying them from couple of weekends earlier I undertook the "cupcake project". I tried my hand at dark chocolate cupcake, eggless banana chocolate cupcake, and banana chocolate chip cupcake...I also perfected my chocolate ganache and tried yummy dark chocolate frosting.                    
Dark Chocolate cupcake: This one I picked it directly from Sally's Baking addiction, The link to the recipe is here (death by chocolate cupcake) . I used exactly same recipe, with the exception that I added chocolate chips to the batter. Also, the cupcakes were done in around 12 min not 18 min per the recipe. So you might want to keep a close watch on them after 10 min. (my one batch of cupcakes were ready in 10 min) so you want to be alert so as to no…