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chocolate turtle cookies (eggless)

last month my sister went back home, I had been contemplating on what to send to India for my mom had asked for some of my baked goodies, and I thought why don't I make something for my entire would be special and I have always longed to share what I make in USA with folks back in India. So then began a quest of what to send, should I send something I have made a few times and am expert in, or something new....should I make a cake or banana bread or some cupcakes...after a lot of thinking, I was like, lets try to make a cookie as that would be easy to make in bulk and easy to pack...of course I wanted to make something fancy as this was the first time my entire family was going to actually sample something I had baked...After some research I found this awesome chocolate turtle recipe on Sally's Baking looked like something out of a fancy candy store....I decided to halve the recipe as I was a little nervous, I had never made cookies from …