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Zebra cake

I made this cake when ravi was going to arrive from India. He said I never made special stuff for him, kind of true coz I had never made a cake when he was around. this happened because we dont have oven at our home in India and I tried making chocolate cake in microwave once and miserably failed so I never got too adventurous when I was in India and when he was here for couple of months there wasn't an occasion to make something special. Anyways. keeping this story aside, I wanted to make something really special to mark his arrival to USA and this cake seemed perfect.
Its not a birthday kind of cake, but it is so pretty so it doesn't seem like you have made a simple loaf. the method is really simple and easy BUT time consuming. You have to be patient to make this one as the trick in making this pretty cake like in the way it is poured in cake pan. Lastly, when you make it even if it doesn't look pretty to you when you pour it don't worry, final product will be BEAUT…