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Thanksgiving 2012

This year thanksgiving began, with cousins coming home from was good to have them around....then on thursday, i had fun cooking....made palak paneer, shahi mushroom and methi matar malai for them to take back to school....went to a family party...and then shopping at 12 am!!! I was tired and not in mood to go...but then i needed things like winter boots, sweaters i had to go and pick up the deals :)

well, once i started driving, i was excited to go shopping by myself......and once i was there, the excitement of the evening or should i say night totally rubbed off me....and as i was having a ball going around shops, and buying stuff..i realized my phone was missing.....i was cool..till i traced my steps through the stores...and then wen i didnt find it, went to check in car....but when I didnt find it in car too...i kinda lost my cool....i was totally low...and obviously my shopping mood was gone....and i was super sad....well as i went and made my last round in s…