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another chance....

how often we wish for another chance
to make a fresh beginning
a chance to blot our mistakes
and change failure into winning.

it does not take a special time
to make a brand new start,
it only takes the deep desire
to try with all our heart.

to live a little better,
to always be forgiving
to add a little sunshine
in a world for which we're living

never give up in despair
nor think you are through
for there's always a tomorrow,
a chance to start anew.

song of the day....pal pal from lage raho the lyrics....

spirituality and religion...

Today I am making an attempt to define spirituality and religion….explain the meaning of the two…and try to explain the importance and relevance of both these terms in our life….this I am penning down so that my concepts get clear and also so that I am able to pass on some wonderful information I have learnt over the past one week from sw.vimalanandji…..she had a gyan yagna over the past week in vasai and I was lucky to attend most of it….and I feel it is my responsibility to share what I gained….also its my joy to share….its my tribute, my guru dakshina to swamiji…..i am going to write some more posts about Indian culture, hinduism, parenting, meditation, shrimad bhagwad geeta and lot more etc etc….basically I am going to share what all I learnt over the last week…….the core of everything, the essence is from swamiji’s lectures….but I have put in my understanding of the subject, my views, opinions, some different illustrations and examples…..also the way of writing is going to be l…