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Chocolate banana cake with Ganache

Its been a long time since i made something new.....but with job, apartment hunting, family get togethers etc etc it was difficult to find time to try something....then ever since I moved into my own apartment I had been itching to make, and my aunt's birthday was a perfect opportunity to try something...I have been (still am) a bit nervous when I have to bake something....I am never sure everything is going to be alright till the very end...i told myself, if i dont try how will i ever learn and so I started to make CHOCOLATE BANANA CAKE with GANACHE (fancy name for frosting) which I thought was simple recipe....I was just little nervous as I didnt have my little measures and so was sprinkling baking soda and baking powder as per my guess and I was halving the quantity ...I had halved the quantity of dry ingredients BUT not for banana and eggs (as by mistake i mashed 2 bananas and whipped 2 eggs) so I was nervous that the cake might not bake properly.....however everything was GR…

Imran Khan to Move into Nasir Hussain residence

What is the first thought that comes to your head, if you were just to read this one sentence.
Well i do not know your thoughts, but a hilarious sequence of thoughts crossed my sister's head, so funny that even after couple of years i remember it and finally get around to writing about it.

She thought: Imran Khan the cricketer from Pakistan, is moving into Nasir Hussain's (the cricketer) home so that he could work things out with his ex wife Jemima Khan....and she wondered why is he moving into Nasir Hussain's home, maybe they are good friends, and he is encouraging Imran to work it out with Jemima :D :D

and this is what it really is, that Imran khan the actor is moving into Nasir Hussain's (his uncle's home)..LOL

Imran Khan to Move into Nasir Hussain's residence