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Congratulations my darling sis

My todays post is dedicated to the newest Dr little sister mithila....m just so proud of her...cant believe baby sis is a doctor! been a long route no in karad for 5 n 1/2 yrs is no mean feet...all the students of KIMS must be given additional marks just for living in that place without losing their heads...
        as i write this post, she must be standing there in auditorium full of people wearing the black robe taking the hippocrates oath....m so missing not being there, seeing her graduate....there are tears of joy welling up just imagining the situation...i dont know how i wud be reacting if i were there in person.....anu n ushma are gonna be there with mom n dad....m so jealous of both of u...but am happy she has u guys to share her happy moment with....two sisters required to compensate for the absence of one.....
       she is gonna make a perfect doctor...the way she is a perfect sister, n perfect daughter.......Way to go yet i know till she achieves whats the final mark...but this is an important milestone nevertheless.....and something thats  gonne stick by her all her matter what happens in the future....All the best, darling....miss u...n love u big time :)

 song of the day : I am the best from the movie phir bhi dil hai hindustani, coz my sister is the best....muah


niinccy said…
@ Mithila...hey congrats mithila...I have heard abt u jab tu choti si thi...ur sis is like..meri behna ke baare mai kuch nahi bolne ka...waise bhi kuch bolne deti hi nahi thi.. she used to go on n on abt u baas mujhe itna pochna padta is ur sis? :):) ..
Welcome to the world of GREY'S ANATOMY :):)
Tanvi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tanvi said…
Congrats Mithu..
rhythm fadia said…
hey wat happened!!!!! how did my comment get deleted

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