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5 point someone VS 3 idiots

lemme first say...both are gr8 works of their own areas they both are great...but if i  have to pick one of the two...i will pick 5 point someone...

why i like 5 point someone over 3 idiots
  •   the subplots in the book are the amazing ideas Ryan comes up with, esp the C2D (co operate to dominate)..i was in splits when i read about it....
  • loved the neha - hari love story...the love story unfolds very well...and all the dates are sweet and funny...
  • Ryan's idea about making lip stick holder is just so sweet !
  • the idea that the main characters in the story are 5 point someones....thats unique..
  • the vodka party over the water tank..
  • prof veera with his faith in ryan's abilities..Ryan's successful experimentation with the lubricating engine oil..
  • the manner in which Prof Cherian realizes about his son's death
  • longest day of my life part one n two :) just too good....u just cant keep the book down till the end
In 3 idiots :
well the filmmakers still cant believe that the hero can be a normal average even though farhan and raju are at the bottom...rancho has to be a topper...why????? Why does rancho get a love story?? n not farhan...i wonder did aamir khan demand for the changes in the plot or was it mr hirani's idea....
         Ryan's character is changed...where did the entire story abt he not caring for his parents vanish
          in the book they steal question paper for all of them, n the episode abt how hari gets the keys from neha too is funny...and the subsequent DISCO...everything fitted perfectly....
          as i write this post, i realize the movie is just so much different than the book...where did mona's character come from....what abt pia's fiance? they just added so much drama at the end....bride running from th alter...mona's delivery....n wow...they made rancho a big time scientist.....n the fake identity issue...where did all this come from...
          lot of the main the sub plots....well, 3 idiots is a good movie no doubt...but i wonder when will the cinema break free of the norms......and make a movie from a book, the way its written

song of the day : gimme some sunshine, give me some rain from the movie 3 idiots



niinccy said…
This is a good comparison..personally I dont like chetan bhagat at all..not the way he writes stories nor the way he presents himself..n after dis 5 point someone and 3 idiots fiasco i had visited his blog..n reading his bigggg blog..I hated him more..had they read this blog..things would have been better for both aamir khan/raju hirani and chetan bhagat..
rhythm fadia said…
lol...thanks....i dont know abt chetan bhagat...but i loved this book....its just too good...
Don said…
very very nice review..i read the book long back and was not remembering the exact differences.. but u r review helped me remember it.. and agree to al u r points..
rhythm fadia said…
hey donson...thanks :)

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