Tuesday, July 29, 2008

when is the right time????

is there ever A RIGHT TIME for important events in life or do we have to rise to the occasion and meet the challenge head on wen it happens….

Is 16 a right time to learn driving or 18 or 25……does a person who sits in driver’s seat at 25 for the first time be less apprehensive abt it than a person at 18????

Is it easier to go to school at 5 yrs than at 3????if u put a kid in kindergarden or nursery at 5 instead of 3 will be easily leave his mothers hand and go smiling to school on the first day????

Is a surgical resident who does his first surgery at 30 more confident than a surgical resident at 26???in india we go to medical or dental school at 18..and in usa its 22 at the earliest so wen they r cutting the cadavers, are the students there more prepared less scared than the students who cut the cadavers at 18???

Some people become parents at 25….some at 30…so are the people who become parents at 30 better parents than those at 25??? Our grandparents were parents when they were 19 or even earlier…did they do a bad job at raising our parents???? That too 6 or 7 children….are the parents of today doing a better job than our grandparents…if yes , why r there more cases of shootings , suicides, and depression etc etc today than in our parents’ times or even our times wen we grew up…..

What is the right age to read harry potter 8 , 18 or 28????? Don’t people of all age groups read it even though its a kids book :)

What is the right age to choose a career 16 ,18 or 25…..here we decide which general stream( SCI ARTS OR COMMERCE ) at 16…then at 18 we decide if we wanna go to med school engg or CA or architecture or law…..and then stick with what we chose at 18 for most of our lives….

Wen is it ok to lose ones parent….if u lose our parents wen v r older is the pain less???? Of course its tragic to lose ur parents wen u r in your teens or younger….but is it less painful wen we r fifty?? My granddad died wen he was 97…so all his kids were 50 plus wen he died but it was still bad as it seemed he was always here with us….there was never a time in my life wen he was not around so it was not at all easy wen he died at 97 to let him go….it was not as if oh ok he lived a good nice life and he was old so it was easy to tell him goodbye….my friends dad died last yr..he was 45…she is my age…and I was low of a long time thinking it cud happen to me too…I slept with my parents in their room holding their hands for sometime…

Wen is ok to lose ur spouse????28 / 58 / 78….is it less at 28 as u r not yet attached to that person as u married jus for a couple of yrs…..or is it less at 78 thinking that u almost spent ur lifetime with that person that u tired of being with that person????

is a person too old or too young to play a videogame????

Well am sure u got the message abt what I am saying….there is never a right time for these things….they jus happen when they have to happen….and somethings have to be done wen they r to be done….it doesn’t make it any easier when u r older nor is it that difficult wen u r younger……

And somethings r better done earlier than later…like learning different languages , ballet dancing , gymnastics…..coz we r more openminded ,flexible ,supple ,malleable when v r younger than wen we r older….as we get older we get more and more firmly entrenched in our thinking, our likes, our dislikes…we all tend to think our thinking is most right ,we become more independent ,more headstrong so its difficult to adjust to anothers’ way of thinking…

I know its getting too long a post…..but all I am saying is don’t compartmentalize ur life….life cannot be lived in sections part by part….

Thursday, July 24, 2008

something abt rhythm...

I thought it wud be nice to write something abt myself…the way I see myself ,know myself….it wud help me I thought to understand the working of my mind better…..is it not said if u write down something thoughts r crystallised and understood better…….also I wud like to share some of my inner feelings abt myself with my relatives and friends (I guess they r the ones who read my blog…don’t think I have a lot of unknown people checking out my blog…so its safe I guess..and even if someone I don’t know reads it who cares……that’s me)

I am traditional..... I think its good to stand when ur teacher enters and leaves the classroom to show respect….i don’t like the way people eat in classrooms abroad…I feel wen we r in school studing ,learning there is certain amount of sanctity about the place……and that should be maintained and our behavior should be according…there is a time and place for everything…do we sit in canteen and study??? No na…we go to library to study….then how can we eat in class when lecturer is teaching??

I love going to school and meeting my teachers….

I think one must stand up and stop whatever they r doing whenever national anthem is being played…

I feel one must watch the presentation ceremony after any game as they felicitate the people who have entertained us the most during the game and one must stand up and applaud them for their talent, effort,achievement

I love the traditions that go with every festival…….it gives such nice break in routine and something to celebrate….i love all kinds of traditions…making rangoli and sweets in diwali…….playing with colours in holi….bursting crackers……doing puja on laxmi pujan day…..dancing in navratri…..going to friends place on Id and Christmas…..decorating the tree on Christmas (never have done it but love it)….buying gifts for family and friends during festivals….tying rakhi…making sweets for brother….getting gifts in return….watching others fly kites on maker sankranti….etc etc

I am not fashion conscious : somehow whats in vogue has never appealed to me….doing something just coz others r doing it does not feel right to me……if there is some new style which I don’t like I wont go out and buy similar outfit……and if I like a dress which is not in vogue but I like it I will continue wearing it……I will wear floaters with salwaar kameez if I am gonna travel in train or gotta walk a lot….i will do things that I am comfortable doing………I don’t mind wearing the same dress in different groups over and over again

I love shopping but I am not a great shopper…..anti thesis isn’t it…..but somehow when I have to buy for myself I am quite a miser…..the only thing I indulge in is books…..but otherwise where jewellery ,footwear ,accessories ,clothes, cosmetics for me r concerned I am a big time miser……I might spend on clothes once in a while but the rest of stuff I am a gone case with……I just need to have neutral shades of shoes, bags, make up and earrings…..which I can wear with most of my outfits….i need one of each for regular and party wear…and I mix and match it with most of my outfits with good results…..

When shopping for my loved ones, (friends and family) I go overboard…..i jus love to spend for them and i get happy…..thats wen I truly love shopping…thinking what they might like….wud truly enjoy using…..wud keep it with them……I guess I and tanvi share the same trait as whenever she comes from usa she gets very thoughtful gifts and not jus something……thanks tanvi for all the wonderful gifts u have got over all these years……..

I enjoy dentistry…….i feel good each time I give a nerve block successfully (which is evrytime coz we cant do root canal or extraction without giving anesthesia…but still evrytime I feel happy…and thankfully I have never till date given block in a wrong way)….feel good each time a child lets me work on him/her…or wen I successfully extract teeth…in short every procedure I do successfully I feel good and satisfied….

I love being photographed….it helps that I am photogenic :)….in fact sometimes I feel I look better in pictures than in person……also I love wen my sister takes my pictures ,she is a wonderful photographer…..

I love writing…someday I hope to write a book….huge dream I know but its something I really want to do…

i love eating chocolates and pasteries....when i m sad i eat peanut butter or chocolates....sometimes it works ,sometimes doesnt :(

I love pets…….i love watching my fishes swim in the aquarium……..for now m satisfied but someday I wud love to have a dog….

Amongst domestic chores I prefer cleaning vessels…..cooking….washing clothes…..

I do things which I feel right even though others might not do it like not littering on the roads…now my friends r careful not to throw wrappers and stuff on road when I m around ,else they know I wont spare them from my lecture…..

I care….sometimes more than I should…I happen to ask myself sometimes if I should care about others irrespective of the way they behave or I should behave the way others behave with me….but then my heart says whats the difference between u and that person if u behave the way u don’t like jus coz he/she behaves like that……sometimes feel tit for tat is good…but sometimes I feel my behavior should be my own action and not a reaction to someone elses behavior…..and then if I behave in a way I disapprove in others I, myself feel restless and uneasy……so anyways tit for tat does not work for me…does not make me happy so I tell myself “rhythm u act like u want to…the way u r happy…why lose your identity and mental peace if some loser is acting like a loser”

I like being there for my family and friends……I wud go out of my way for them if situation demands…

I love celebrating birthdays and anniversaries……I usually make a point to call or email my friends and family scattered all over the world to wish them…..

I am at home in a geeta gyan yagna as much I am at home in a dance party…….i enjoy learning what our scriptures have got to say….someday will learn more abt other religions too…but as they say “charity begins at home” similarly first u should have a sound knowledge of ur origins and it sure is interesting and practical too….after all there is something abt them else the swamijis would not be getting invited to talk abt scriptures in business houses and management schools……

I wud love to go out on midnight long drive sometime…….go for a walk on beach at night…..experiencing the night…feeling the quiet breeze ruffle my hair…..

I love talking….communicating……I have a certain need to express myself…my views ,opinions etc on various subjects if I have something substantial to talk about…maybe that’s why I enjoy blogging coz I can express my opinions on any subject…..

I hate gossip……I believe in letting someone be the way they r……not forcing my views on them….if someone thinks something is right it his opinion and I don’t mind it as long as he does not enforce them on me….so why shd I talk abt someone else’s opinion with someone else???? Live and let live yaar I feel…

I hate back stabbers..

Sometimes I feel its nice to acknowledge and appreciate someones effort even if it is not finally wat u expected it to be……or even if that person is expected to do so.confused?????? for eg : if someone is not a very good cook but tries a hand at something ….appreciate the effort put it…and if somebody is a good cook and cooks something really nice as expected ,appreciate it…compliment them

I trust easily……and thankfully my trust has not yet been broken by those I trust…

I like being in touch with my family and friends…..i don’t think jus coz someone has gone abroad its his or her moral duty to call those back home……once in a while people from india too can call…..

I am eternally thankful for those who discovered internet and making communication so easy amongst other advantages….

I love reading poems…….they r just so beautiful….

I love watching movies….

I love reading……

Love cooking (u folks might have guessed as much by now)….trying variety of cuisines…..

Guess shd stop now…………too long a post it is…….dont think anyone is gonna reach upto this sentence….

But if u have I appreciate your patience………thank u..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

egg plant parmesan

this is basically the recipe i got from amy's food blog....she writes recipes much better than i do giving right proportions and quantities...so u better check it out here

i ll give u the whole procedure in steps and i ll write what modifications i have done to suit the situation

step one :
chop egg plant horizontally each piece being around 1/3rd inch..
apply salt and let the egg plant sweat for 30 min...drain the excess water away

finely chop tomatoes and onions....make a paste of at least 2 tomatoes for the sauce...u can crush onions to paste form too if u like ur sauce smooth....
u ll also need to crush 2 cloves of garlic...grate the cheese...

step 2
saute onions carrot celery and garlic in olive oil..add tomato paste and chopped tomatoes.....let it simmer for ten minutes....i didnt add carrots and celery which was in the original as i didnt have them at home...i added coriander instead...and added ginger chilly paste too as i found the sauce too bland...add dried oregano or italian seasoning mix to the sauce

i shallow fried the egg plant pieces in olive oil till they were golden brown....basically till they were well cooked and knife went thru easily

the end result : YUMMY :)

cover the base of pan with red sauce...then arrange egg plant pieces over it...again put a layer of sauce and cheese...repeat...the last layer should always be of red sauce and cheese

enjoy with garlic bread....spagetti or pasta......or just bread and butter

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

problem for christina

in order that there is no fight among his own doctors , the chief asks another well known surgeon to consider the position of chief of surgery ,dr colin marlowe......it turns out that he is christina's ex professor and ex-boyfriend........this creates problem between burke and christina...and burke saying that engagement is off as christina does not like him as a person and that she is just placating him........lets see how she manages to convince burke of her love

meredith is back from dead and she is all her...........she has taken her mother's death in stride not letting it affect her.....her half sister suzan manages to convince her to have a family dinner with her dad....meredith is still not sure how to go abt it...derek joins her of course....meredith hits off well with suzan and has a good time.....while derek convinces meredith's dad that everything will be fine between him and his daughter...

george discovers callie is very rich......she jus didnt tell him that earlier coz she didnt want her money to affect their relationship......george and callie r having this arguement abt how his friends (izzie meredith ,christina) r more important to him than her....and also abt why she didnt tell him earlier abt the money ,when callie says she feels izzie likes george and so she fights with callie all the time to drive her away......george laughs at the thought and says someone like izzie who was a model cant ever like him ,that he cud never have her......this makes callie feel miserable as she feels george married her as he cud never have izzie ,and callie was available.....she drives him out of the house.......
george goes to izzie to tell her what callie said...they end up getting drunk and in bed......

alex has moved in the room george has vacated with izzie and meredith......izzie is mad at him for that.....

as burke has called the wedding off...christina goes to meredith for comfort.......

Monday, July 14, 2008

my weekend

my every weekend seems to be quite a happening one....there r quite many weekend posts i guess..

this weekend too was very special.....sometimes in midst of despair comes happiness...thats wat happened with anu i guess......she was not well for last couple of weeks and it aggravated last couple of days...so kailasmasi took a flight to mumbai and masi ,anu and milanjiju came to vasai to get a complete check up done....it turned out to be colitis or infection in intestine....nothing major...now she is fit and fine.....of course if she is treated by my dad and mom she had to be fine in no time...

well so for me spending time with masi and anu jiju was bonus.......was not expecting to meet them anytime soon so i was very happy.....and so was anu....as she was sad abt having to cancel visit to ahmedabad previous weekend as jiju had met with bike accident......so she too was not expecting to meet masi and the rest of us so soon.......

we all went to bordi on saturday.....as there was a function to celebrate ashutoshji's birthday (he is associated with chinmaya mission) on sunday....rupalbhai savibhabhi navya and vritti had also come....it is always a pleasure to be around these kids.....savibhabhi had got amazing puranpolis......enjoyed eating them.....

saturday evening it was fun playing with navya and vritti.....later on i quietly sat on swing amidst the woods ,listening to my ipod and watching fireflies.........it was heaven.....the time stood still and it was so serene and quiet.......there was no electricity at that time so it was very dark too...so the fireflies seemed even prettier......it was an amazing experience......

on sunday there was maha mrutyunjay jap and chanting of ramcharitmanas......i and anu did chant the jap 108 times.......we didnt have enough patiense though to sit thru the chanting of ramcharitmanas.....also as we didnt know the text at all ,we were not able to chant it nor understand it......

around 4 pm on sunday we left bordi.....milanjiju drove the car......we were home by 6.30 pm....had bhel for dinner....(world's best bhel my mom's handmade)......saw grey's anatomy...thankfully i cud see it completely.....
all in all a wonderfully spent weekend

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I WANT....

one of the most beautiful poems i have come across......

i want to give you flowers.
i want to give you my love.
i want to share with you my feelings.
i want to tell you my story.
i want to feel you near to me.
i want to share my loneliness.
i want to share my happiness..

i want to show you the trees in spring.
i want to show you fields in winter.
i want to dance on the wind.
i want to sing in sunshine.
i want to show you the waterfalls.
i want to walk barefoot in rain.
i want to sit on top of mountains.

i want.
i want to give u roses.
i want to laugh with you.
i want to cry with you.
i want to breathe the air with you.
i want to spend my years with you.
i want to go on holidays with you.
i want to grow old with you.

i want you.
i want your love.
i want your thoughts.
i want your warmth.
i want to be needed.
i want our love to grow strong.
i want our children to grow tall.
through our love,
through our devotion,
through our examples.
i want so much.

i want to live next to God.
i want to serve Him.
i want to obey Him.

i want to do these things with you.
i want to do these things with our children.
i want all these things
because i am human.
i have needs and wants
like everybody else.
-written in 1998 by chris putter - south africa

i have tears in my eyes as i finish typing this poem....i am charged...i can feel goose flesh on my hands......i hope to find someone to tell this someday....cant believe how someone can echo my thoughts so well......am glad to have found this poem......and all those who have found that someone special ,please speak up....speak up your heart.....and treasure each moment with your beloved...take care


3 men go into a hotel.....the man behind the desk said room was $30..so each man paid $10 and went to the room....

a while later man at deak realized that tariff is $25...so he gives $5 to bell boy and asks him to return it to them...

the bell boy is confused as to how to divide $5 amongst 3 men...to he gave each man $1 and himself kept $2...

this means....3 men paid $9 for the room..which is total of $27 ,add to that $2 the bell boy kept so it comes to $29.......where is the other dollar?????????

keep thinking...if u come up with some answer...lemme know too :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

my wonderful weekend :)

its so funny...sometimes things happen jus out of the blue ,unplanned (m talking abt good things here)....and as u not looking forward to it ,it jus makes u so much more happy :)
like u driving down a road and then u take a bend and LO!!!!!!! BEHOLD!!!!!! a scenery unfolds before ur very eyes....
a treat is so much more sweeter wen its unexpected....

i had planned a nice sunday outing with rehana....which included lunch at mochas (jus the thought of chocolate avalanche is making my mouth water) and movie......so i was looking forward to a nice sunday and what do i get...........well so much more than jus nice....

the weekend unfolds with me getting an sms from mohini on saturday morning asking me and chitra to come over to her place for night out...initially was irritated with her as she had not replied to my smses abt planning a weekend earlier in the week and at last moment had come up with this plan....and i was not sure if chitra cud make it too...

but sometimes good things do fall in place...and things do work out the way u want them to...

so by afternoon got a call from chitra that she cud make it....and i cud sense someone up there was smiling upon me.....as mohini stays in powai...i figured i cud squeeze in an hour or two with anu...and got to meet milan jiju (btw he had met with a mini bike accident so i had wanted to go meet him too...and wish him get well soon.....after all his is the only jiju i have in india)...so surprised anu and jiju...of course it was difficult to say bye to them just after an 1 and 1/2 hour...jiju and anu were like stay na...we ll order pizza for dinner.....and stay at our place only....but i had to go (of course nothing is perfect in life...remember my philosophy in my previous post abt my weekend)...after all mohini is getting married in nov and moving to USA and i dont think we ll get lot of such opportunities to relive our pune days again :(

we did order pizza from smokin joes (our favourite pizza place since pune days....)...though it was slightly disappointing not getting mushroom's delight as it was out of stock :( still something is better than nothing...and i believe in seeing the half glass full part rather than empty.....so ordered veg supreme and bell pepper fiesta and pepsi......we did see chak de bache and jo jeeta wohi superstar as chitra cant miss out on a single episode....i and chitra cheered when rahul vaidya got into top 3........taught mohini how to use picasa...i got hold of some of our group pics which were them on her comp and transferred to my picasa album (maybe it might not sound like a big deal but it is a very big deal to have those pics...as we have not been able to meet a lot over the past yr as well all live in different corners of mumbai.....so each time we have met is special..... and i have been wanting the pics since a while but as mohini and chitra didnt know how to operate picasa i cud not get them...but those pics of all we roommates...of our treasured moments together r so important) and then we sat chatting til 3 .30 am i think....

next day got up at 9 .30....i know its early ;) considering we slept at 3 . 30 am...but chitra had to reach home by 11 as she had to go out with her family.....i left at 12 to meet rehana at metro adlabs.....we met at 1 30....bought tickets for made of honour (rehana was so mad at me for making her see it....)....went to mochas....had a good chat with rehana....in some ways we both share such similar opinions abt most things and we always have something to chat ,that we cant really talk with anyone else.....books movies songs life etc etc..... had chocolate avalanche and pasta for lunch.....walked around on streets in the fort area...went to fountain area bought novels from the second hand sellers who sit there....jus seeing the place was such a delight....so many books at one place.....cud have spent hours going thru various books ,wud have if rehana had not dragged me away as otherwise we wud be late for the movie.......it was first time i was watching movie at the metro adlabs....so that was nice too....the movie was not as good as i had expected it.....but if u love patrick dempsey ,thats enough reason one needs to watch the movie :)

mohini had come to my house on sunday night as her parents are in wai till tuesday....saw greys anatomy...i was disappointed as i got to see only first half of show......as we had a power cut for half an hour......can u believe that...it was off schedule....current was not supposed to go at that time, never does......anyways thats that...there is not much i cud do abt it......

still there were so many more wonderful surprises along the way that i choose to ignore the rough spots........and still wud call this weekend, one of the best i have had in a while :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

beauty and the geek

this is one of the few tv shows i enjoyed...it was great to see the how each of them evolved...beauties learnt to use their brains and the geeks learnt the is more to being a person than jus a person's intelligence....am sure most of u know abt this show so not getting more into it....i saw this show for the first time this season.....and megan and scooter were the rightful winners....the other finalists were cece and nate....

and let me tell u cece was one big all time bitch.....i disliked her from the start of the show....she just showed her importance , used people , was rude to others,very selfish ,thought she was the best...there is not one good thing i can say about her...so she knew how she was, coz wen the host announced that the winner wud not be judged based on a quiz or challenge but the other contestants were going to vote for the winner she was the only one who was very angry.....she even stopped talking to megan coz she realizes that the game was slipping out of her hands.....and her partner nate was jus the opposite....it was bad to see him lose but even he knew he was going to lose and he himself told other contestants who were gonna vote for the winner that he wud be ok if they voted for megan and scooter....

well abt megan i wud say...there was a huge transformation....even though she modelled for playboy she was quiet reserve types....i wud think u required a lot of confidence to be one..but she was quiet...guess she was not seen as a major opponent...so initially i guess she went unnoticed....and then most of them had some fight with one another that no one i guess thought of eliminating this silent couple.....and scooter and megan progressed.....she came totally strong in the second last episode and won the cowboy challenge....she was a revelation as she without thinking abt her appearances went ahead to grab the sheep and pull out the tag from their necks...she got a bruises too....but she didnt care.....and jus before the vote out she said "i dont know if i ll be leaving with experience and the money or jus the experience ,m happy either ways "...for me u won at that point it self..... am glad this quiet, soft spoken ,friendly girl and her partner won....

it showed the good is always recognised...and m sure cece has realised this by now....that no matter how good u r in all challenges...and u think u r very smart and get others eliminated u gonna win...but no miss...that ain't happening...as sheeree told her very rightly "its nice to be important , but its more important to be nice".....she in all these 8 weeks cud not even get nate who was her partner to like her.....
whatever u do to step ahead and if u use unfair means its all gonna come back to u....
as they rightly say "as u sow , so shall u reap"

all said and done....my most favourite contestant was nate.....besides being a genius ,he is just a wonderful person...he helped people preparing for quizzes....he is the nice guy u always want next to u...someone u can rely on....he is a good listener...good sport....healthy loser.....the fact that he tolerated cece gives him a lot of credit....and of course after the makeover he just looks amazing......aren't the before and after pics great?????????a great addition to an already wonderful package.....great going nate...love you...wish u all the best in life

Thursday, July 3, 2008


am sure u all are gonna have a good laugh when u read this post...
  1. no matter how many boxes u have ,u will always need one more
  2. the more ur friends promises to help ,the more likely it is that they will have something come up the day u move
  3. whatever u need is at the bottom of the box u taped shut ten minutes ago
  4. now that u r moving and no longer need it , u will find the item u spent 2 yrs looking for
  5. the tape,scissors,the markers and the screw driver are all familiar with the rules of HIDE AND SEEK
  6. you will never break anything cheap that you never liked anyway......only family heirlooms get broken during a move
  7. no matter how large the new place is it will not have enough room once you begin to move in
  8. if u stay up all night packing for the movers...they will be late :)

food for thought

i like posting quotes on and off as and when i come across some of them that strike a chord with me

it's good to have money and the things money can buy
but its good , too, to check up once in a while and make
sure that you haven't lost the things that money cant buy
-george horace

how a man plays a game shows something of his character
how he loses shows all of it

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


life is fast these days......everyone wants everything fast , soon....everyone loves speed.......doesn't it feel exhilarating when you driving your car fast.......zooming on the express way...zip zap zoom....
even our daily chores need to be finished fast.....u have ur shower in 5 mins...breakfast in another ten min.....and u out of house....running to catch your train......most women are working ladies..they have to finish their kitchen chores and rush as well......well this is mumbai...the city does that to u..very nicely shown in song jame raho in taare zameen par..

am a bit lucky in that sense my daily routine does not require me to be fast......coz as much as i love speed in evry form and find it enjoyable....i feel it makes us robots......we forget to enjoy what we are doing at that time and place...coz mentally we are already in the next place where we have to be....and figuring it out how we are going to reach there asap...and wen we reach the place two we r in place 3......and it goes on and on......

well my daily routine involves helping mom in kitchen before going to clinic.....and it has come down to kneading the dough for chapatis and making them......my mom is up at the crack of dawn so by the time i get up around 8ish she has already finished most of work in kitchen like chopping vegetables and other stuff....and we have come down to an understanding that i will make the dough and rotis as i enjoy both the works and i really dont like my mom finishing all the work before i am even up......but i cant get up at 7 yaar...come on...i hope u guys understand that....so i have requested her to not do these two works and keep it for me.......

now why am i writing all this in a post titled speed.........simple enough...those who know my mom will endorse the fact that she is a very efficient lady.......she does everything very quickly in minimum time......she quotes फुन्दरनी जे रीते चाले रीते पग चालवा जोइये....(your legs should move as fast as a top spins)....in short very fast.....and i am one female who needs to do stuff at my pace which is quite slow as compared to hers :) and at times once in a while as a challenge to myself or when situation demands i work like her.......but cant do it always and i m not that slow come on...i knead the dough in ten min as opposed to her 5.........but i like kneading dough...its actually therapeutic...very relaxing to move your fingers in the flour and knead it applying gentle pressure here and there....today i was making rotis fast...but i was like it was so mechanical....i was not enjoying it.....it was like rushing to meet a deadline.......my mom enjoys working fast but i dont guess our definitions of enjoyment r a bit different :)

same thing comes up when i am driving......i get no particular thrill from driving fast or overtaking.....i know u must be thinking i am weird but thats me and i dont think thats bad.....coz if i drive fast i have a bigger responsibility on me of other people in car with me...and when i drive my family is there with me mostly and i feel if i make a mistake they will be hurt.......that makes me drive slower more cautiously.......i know everyone doesnt think like this...maybe this is some sort of phobia i have to work on....but i actually stop enjoying and again become mechanical when i drive...so much so that if i drive for an hour or so i start having a headache......

so summarizing this post....i wanna say...speed in everything is good.......but not always....and also it tends to wear you out...mostly mentally and emotionally......so go a bit slow at times....take pleasure in the smallest things u do....stand under the shower for half an hour feeling water against your skin as if there is nothing more important waiting........

enjoy the moment......take your time...nobody ain't going anywhere so soon :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


some smses that were going around wishing docs happy doctors day....

a soldier lives by luck loves by chance and kills by profession.....
thank god we are doctors...
who live by profession ,love by luck and kill by chance...happy doctors day

to be a doctor means much more than to dispense pills and repair torn flesh...
to be a doctor is to be an intermediary between man and god.....happy doctors day

are you emotionally numbed ,creatively challenged ,romantically starved
artistically void, socially outcast ???? congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
you 're a good doctor...Happy doctors day

the willingness to listen , the patience to understand ,the strength to support,
the heart to care and jus to be there where others need u
thats the beauty to be a doctor...
B glad the u r one...happy doctors day

wen there are tears you are shoulder for someone
when there is death you r life for someone
wen there is pain u r medicine for someone
so be proud to be a doctor....happy doctors day


Wen I wrote the post yesterday I had forgotten that today was doctor’s day…the post came at absolutely right time on the eve of doctors day…..well first of all I wish all the doctors of the world a very happy doctors day.....most of us seem to be doing a good job and I wish good luck to all of medical fraternity to continue the good work they are doing….

Today I wish to write a message to all the non medical people…..please have faith in your doctor…if u don’t have faith in him….if he does not inspire faith in you abt him change your doctor but whenever u r taking treatment from a particular doctor don’t second guess him…..what I mean is YOU don’t question his line of treatment…if u want u can go to an equally qualified doctor for a second opinion…if u have a doctor in your family who is in some other city he can talk with your doctor what the problem is what treatment is being given to him, why it is being given to him and I am sure your doctor will not mind that for your mental satisfaction…..but U don’t go advising him and asking him unnecessary questions coz even if he wants he cant explain you in detail as u don’t have necessary background knowledge….

its like a fifth grader jus reading something in a 10th grader’s book and drawing conclusions according to what he understands and asking his parents questions….the parents tell him “BETA U LL KNOW IT WEN U GROW OLDER” isn’t it right….isnt it wat u have done wen your own children ask things they don’t understand….u explain them, true, but upto a limit right….u don’t go on humoring their curiosities wen u know they wont get it…..

people read these days stuff in newspapers ,internet ,magazines and then question their doctors line of treatment….

We don’t put in 5 to 10 years of our life into medical school for nothing..

And please don’t go putting all the blame for whatever new problem happens to you on your doctor or his previously given treatment for a different ailment…..most of the time there is no relation with what happening now to you with the previous treatment…and this lack of faith is so irritating….as if its doctors only who cause all your problems then why don’t you treat yourself….why come to a doctor at all….

today a patient whose extraction I had done on Saturday came with pain…..she claimed that the extraction site was hurting her badly…and that she was having unbearable pain etc etc….i was really concerned as the extraction was a simple one had gone out smoothly no apparent problem had happened…..then why was she complaining of pain????? i checked the wound it was nice and healing…no pus seen….i was really concerned and worried……I asked my sir to see the wound….he said that it was healing well…no problem there….but I told him she was having lot of pain….wen he again examined the area he saw that her other tooth was badly decayed and infected and the other tooth was causing pain not the extraction site…..and then I was relieved….i was told the patient one more tooth had to be removed….and the pain was not due to extraction site…..but I was so angry with her as she had made me doubt myself…raised a doubt in my mind about my ability…was I wrong in getting angry??????and this is not the first case….

So many times patients come and tell “ I had got filling done 2 yrs back which has come out and now the tooth is aching” I feel like yelling at them its not the filling that has come out that’s hurting you but the fact that there is a new cavity in the same tooth which has gone deep now due to YOUR IMPROPER EATING AND BRUSHING HABIT THAT’S CAUSING THE TOOTH TO HURT….or else “I had got root canal done couple of years back and now the tooth is hurting” on examination its not the root canaled tooth that’s painful but some tooth around it that has got decayed and its hurting….and I patiently explain to them that problem is not what u think but something else….

but internally its so so ANNOYING that there is not a iota of trust…patients feel the doc has messed up something somewhere which is giving rise to new problem for them…..arre if u have pain then tell the doc na “doc my this tooth on this side is hurting….or I feel that a back tooth is paining” but no the complain only starts with my filling is out or the root canal is not done properly so tooth is paining….always pointing a finger at previously done treatment…...give us a benefit of doubt at least.....dont we deserve that????

then always comes the question of the guarantee about the filling…..to this I jus tell well when you have spoiled the god given tooth that is designed to last for a lifetime how do u expect me to give guarantee for a artificial man made stuff….still if u maintain it well then it will last you for 5 -6 yrs….

The only person who can keep up a promise that big is god and I have not seen him hold a scalpel lately

-preston burke in grey’s anatomy

want to tell you all, patients always want doctors to give guarantee that there is no risk involved in any procedure….well that’s certainly not the case…there is a certain amount of risk involved in every procedure…..and no one, absolutely no doctor can give you a guarantee that the given procedure is a risk free procedure….and why only doctors, no one gives us a guarantee for anything.....there is risk involved in everything we do…when we sit in air plane does the company give guarantee that the plane is not gonna crash???? Do u give yourself guarantee that when u cross a road or when you are driving a car you wont meet with an accident???? NO…. but we all unknowingly take these risks…..what u can do is that you take necessary precautions to avoid an accident and let me assure you all which we as doctors do too….

I know I know that its difficult to be cool when you are a patient…when u r in pain….and wen your doc tells u of all possible things that cud go wrong, u start doubting the procedure…but what can we as doctors do…we have to save our skin too…we have to be medico legally safe….in the good old days docs wud not explain all the complications to the patient so as to save them from anxiety….but then now if we have not told the patients all complications and something happens patients sue doctors ,say arre we were not informed of it or we wud have thought over again…so we as doctors prefer to be on the safe side of the law…

I so very well remember when I was going to have LASIK surgery…and consent form was to be signed…loss of sight was mentioned as a possible complication….it happens very rarely but it can happen…verbally doc had said nothings gonna happen but he took mine and my parents’ sign on the form…I signed without reading in detail but my mom was sure a nervous wreck for those 30 min till I came out of the OR without having any problem…

So that’s that….what can we do too…..we understand you r in trouble, are tensed, in pain but believe me even one nasty incident with one doc makes all the docs in that area hundred times more cautious…after all we are gonna be treating patients all our life day in and out….we cant let our professional life give us additional stress than what we can take….

i just want to tell you guys that we doctors are human beings too….we are neither god nor robots….we too have feelings and a heart….and m not saying we are perfect....we try to be as close to perfection as we can get coz our imperfections can have serious consequences.... but we do make mistakes at times anyways.....and how many ever years of practice we have , we are still learning……that’s why each time we see a patient we call it EXAMINATION and our jobs are called PRACTICE :)