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beauty and the geek

this is one of the few tv shows i was great to see the how each of them evolved...beauties learnt to use their brains and the geeks learnt the is more to being a person than jus a person's sure most of u know abt this show so not getting more into it....i saw this show for the first time this season.....and megan and scooter were the rightful winners....the other finalists were cece and nate....

and let me tell u cece was one big all time bitch.....i disliked her from the start of the show....she just showed her importance , used people , was rude to others,very selfish ,thought she was the best...there is not one good thing i can say about she knew how she was, coz wen the host announced that the winner wud not be judged based on a quiz or challenge but the other contestants were going to vote for the winner she was the only one who was very angry.....she even stopped talking to megan coz she realizes that the game was slipping out of her hands.....and her partner nate was jus the was bad to see him lose but even he knew he was going to lose and he himself told other contestants who were gonna vote for the winner that he wud be ok if they voted for megan and scooter....

well abt megan i wud say...there was a huge transformation....even though she modelled for playboy she was quiet reserve types....i wud think u required a lot of confidence to be one..but she was quiet...guess she was not seen as a major initially i guess she went unnoticed....and then most of them had some fight with one another that no one i guess thought of eliminating this silent couple.....and scooter and megan progressed.....she came totally strong in the second last episode and won the cowboy challenge....she was a revelation as she without thinking abt her appearances went ahead to grab the sheep and pull out the tag from their necks...she got a bruises too....but she didnt care.....and jus before the vote out she said "i dont know if i ll be leaving with experience and the money or jus the experience ,m happy either ways "...for me u won at that point it self..... am glad this quiet, soft spoken ,friendly girl and her partner won....

it showed the good is always recognised...and m sure cece has realised this by now....that no matter how good u r in all challenges...and u think u r very smart and get others eliminated u gonna win...but no miss...that ain't sheeree told her very rightly "its nice to be important , but its more important to be nice".....she in all these 8 weeks cud not even get nate who was her partner to like her.....
whatever u do to step ahead and if u use unfair means its all gonna come back to u....
as they rightly say "as u sow , so shall u reap"

all said and most favourite contestant was nate.....besides being a genius ,he is just a wonderful person...he helped people preparing for quizzes....he is the nice guy u always want next to u...someone u can rely on....he is a good listener...good sport....healthy loser.....the fact that he tolerated cece gives him a lot of credit....and of course after the makeover he just looks amazing......aren't the before and after pics great?????????a great addition to an already wonderful package.....great going you...wish u all the best in life


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