Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This year thanksgiving began, with cousins coming home from was good to have them around....then on thursday, i had fun cooking....made palak paneer, shahi mushroom and methi matar malai for them to take back to school....went to a family party...and then shopping at 12 am!!! I was tired and not in mood to go...but then i needed things like winter boots, sweaters i had to go and pick up the deals :)

well, once i started driving, i was excited to go shopping by myself......and once i was there, the excitement of the evening or should i say night totally rubbed off me....and as i was having a ball going around shops, and buying stuff..i realized my phone was missing.....i was cool..till i traced my steps through the stores...and then wen i didnt find it, went to check in car....but when I didnt find it in car too...i kinda lost my cool....i was totally low...and obviously my shopping mood was gone....and i was super sad....well as i went and made my last round in stores giving them my contact details in case someone turned in my phone, i found it!! one of the cashiers asked me what kind of phone it was...and i said a blackberry..and she said, "is this yours" i was like of course..cant u see picture of me n my hubby on the wallpaper??? anyways, so all wasnt lost...but i had lost precious one hour...and i say precious coz i had planned to be back home by 4.30-5 i had to got to work on friday!! i resumed shoppping, and got done by 5.15, when I realized my scarf was missing...i cursed myself....i again was little low, as i loved the scarf and it was a gift from my it had sentimental once again i retraced my steps...didnt find it...and then decided to be on my way, after telling the customer service people to contact me if someone turned in a scarf...

i returned home by 6 30...went to sleep by up at 10...and went to work....after putting in a days work....i felt like asking the customer service people coz the mall was right on the way back home....and so once again, i dragged myself to the mall...and remembered that there was one more store which i should check out for i went there, asked the sales person...and she YES...she had found one!!! and she thought it was stores' scarf, put up on the rack for sale (she did wonder about it, coz there weren't other similar scarf and this one didn't have a tag)...well so alls well that ends well....lost them back...did some awesome shopping...

besides clothes got an awesome deal on Xbox 360 with kinect (gift for hubby :) and my office bag...bought in car speaker phone (am excited about it..coz now i can talk aaramse while driving with mom dad hubby and nidhi :)  ...watched private practice late into night on saturday....totally chilled out on sunday....watched chakravyuh with family at home....ate some nice dinner...and now wrote a post after a long long time...all in all a wonderful holiday well spent (pun intended ;)

this is a movie made by my friends' husband...and i loved it, so here it is...good job srikant kekare :)