Sunday, July 29, 2012

veronica vs meera

i read chetan bhagat's article on TOI about depictions shown in movie COCKTAIL...the link to the article is here. so i am writing this two bit sense and opinions on women working, having fun, getting married etc.

what i feel is in every person lies these two personalities...Veronica and loving, exuberant, careless vs responsible mature family oriented.....and it would be very judgemental to think one cannot be with the other..... yes, facts wont change, guys when they want to have a girl friend they want veronica...nobody thinks that meera might also enjoy a night is assumed that meera isn't the type....and when it comes to marriage, guys find it hard to believe that a girl like veronica can be responsible...

as far as guys selecting girls go (going back to my take on chetan bhagat's article)...well, i believe to each his own...some guys want a woman who works while some want a house wife....and same is true with girls...some girls want to work and some are comfortable being India, arranged marriages are still very much functional...and successfully so....the good part about it is, these days women too have a they can very well refuse to marry a guy who blatantly tells her that she is not allowed to work post marriage.....women are not just meant for for a guy to expect that his woman leaves everything and sticks to kitchen is completely unreasonable.....but these things get cleared up right at first girls and guys know if they are interested in the opposite person or not.......

also i believe that girls should work....not just to earn money...but to keep themselves learn new break the monotony of day to day go meet new make a part of something big happening in the world.....and trust me your children and husband will be so proud of you when they see the respect you command.....when people appreciate you...for your work, knowledge etc...

wrapping this post up i feel that each of us (girls and guys) have to grow up and become Meera someday....veronica has a mind of a kid...she is still in the pleasure seeking mode...she thinks of nothing besides what will please her.....and one day veronica has to undergo the metamorphosis to become like Meera....that doesnt mean u cant have fun....of course u can...just that u know that there is much more in life than just having fun.... we have to strike a balance between Meera and Veronica....

Monday, July 16, 2012


this ones a fun film....there is nothing really exceptional about the movie...good or you can watch it, once....with your friends if you are in mood to chill out...the actors are easy on eyes...and you get to see london and cape town....

story is simple....a flirt, Gautam (saif ali khan) gets into a time pass relationship with sexy girl Veronica (deepika padukone)...starts living together with her and her roommate, the traditional girl Meera (diana penty)....when it comes to falling in love, what does he choose traditional beautiful or sexy and beautiful....

i liked one song, daaru songs are ok...saif is good...but u dont reach for the loverboy here, like you do for sameer in dil chahta hai....similarly, you dont feel very bad for affection starved, rich bitch Veronica....and as for traditional meera, the way she slips in comfortable happy zone so easily, you dont get touched either....

this is a fun film...just chill the way characters it for some fun and some romance...

Sunday, July 8, 2012

ferrari ki sawaari

"jo dekhega wahi sikhega" one of the most important messages conveyed by any movie.....very simple father- son story that will not fail to touch your heart....father Rustom Deboo (sharman joshi) is RTO head clerk who wants to fulfill his sons dream of going to a cricket coaching camp at lords, london....and the twists and turns that lead us to lords....

Kayo (ritwik shore) is a gifted boy extremely talented when it comes to cricket....and dreams of playing for indian cricket team like his idol..none other than Sachin Tendulkar....and his father trying to do everything he can including borrowing ferrari from Tendulkar....

acting is good by all the actors....boman irani plays Rustom Deboo's father....i wont write too much about the storyline and the twists...all i ll say its fun watch...a simple story told very well...story is well dont feel bored or confused about where the story is leading....ritwik is too good...he actually looks like young tendulkar and all his shots and mannerisms are exactly like thats a bonus for all tendulkar feel like you are watching younger sachin playing.....and i simply loved sharman joshi in this movie...he plays the simple.....working hard to meet ends while doing his best to fulfill his son's dreams and teaching him good values.....he indeed is a super dad...

direction by rajesh mapuskar is good...hopefully he makes many more such enjoyable movies with simple but profound messages....dialogue bu raju hirani are fun...i loved the parsi lingo in this is good too..

i loved this movie...its an enjoyable ride!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

agar hum dentist na hote...

crown sirf raja ka taj hota
bridge toh nadiyon ke upar hota
aur canals toh samundar ka hissa hoti
probe toh sirf investigators ka hakk hota
smile dekhne par midline shift nahi nazar aati
cement toh building banane ke kaam aati
aur veneer hum furniture pe lagate
agar agar koh hum khane me use karte
plaster toh fracture me use hota
impression sirf ladkiyon ko patane me kaam aati
curing ka matlab theek karna hota
aur spatula hum kitchen me use karte
casting sirf movies me hoti
aur chair itni mehengi na hoti
ubalte paani me hum sirf soup banate
Agar hum dentists na hote :)

i loved this one so much that I had to add some of my own :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

at the park

some days back, i went to the park to volunteer at a picnic for under privileged children with my cousin and couple of girls were fillling up water balloons for the kids to play with...right now being summer, a lot of kids were playing in fountain or with water guns....but as they lined up at the tap to fill their guns...they noticed the balloons....and then started my fun journey...seeing how differently each kid reacted to the balloons...a couple of them were obedient and asked politely if they could have one or two balloons...which of course we gave....then came one girl...she just grabbed a fistful of unfilled balloons and ran away...i was super annoyed with her...and then later she had the audacity to come up to us and ask us to fill them for her!!!!!! but the kid who had us in splits of laughter was one who took some unfilled balloons...came upto us after some time and asked us if she could have balloons, which we politely told her no coz we wouldn't have balloons for the under privileged kids..we just told her that we were sorry and that the balloons were for the kids....then she innocently looked at us, and said, i dont mean to have your balloons...could you please fill up my balloons....and I just stared at her...did she actually think i was going to buy that...i knew she took balloons from my packet, and now here she is behaving so innocent....but this girl made me laugh when i overcame the initial surprise....I wondered, who taught these kids to speak like lie like this....was it all innate...and every kid had a different way of getting some of our balloons....and how could I say no to these kids...did they know the difference between them and the under privileged ones??? the excitement in their eyes was just the same as the under privileged are just matter where they live...what playing gadgets they have...their lives are simple..and their eyes light up when they see water balloons :)