Friday, July 16, 2010

india trip

The trip to india has been most eventful till now….i have not been able to post more on my blog coz I have been busy meeting relatives friends, shopping, doing some or the other wedding related work, working in the clinic… its been fun so far…just now the fun is reducing as ravi’s return date is getting delayed….n now somehow after all these months, m falling short of patience….the wait is tougher than I anticipated…n I m somehow finding it irritating that almost anyone I meet has met ravi…be it some far off cousin, or family friends even our bai…n they all say such wonderful things to say..n kind of sympathize with me that I have not met him that it gets irritating…..
Shopping was fun in amdavad…especially coz rushika was there too…that made wedding shopping easier n more fun…almost done with most shopping….spending time with mom…meeting masi n noella…n meeting most of ravi’s relatives n friends….it was a fun filled hectic ten days, with lots of wonderful moments to cherish n remember :)
Moving past all these…I had a great time going to pune….met a lot of old friends n class mates…I must say here that the trip was more fun than I thought it wud be….coz a lot of people I met were not best of my friends back in college…nevertheless, it was good to see them…it was good to see almost all were doing well professionally, socially, n in their family life….it was good to see guys of my class handling vivek’s son….saying kaka n stuff….just a reminder of how far we had come since college days…but it felt real good to witness this transition…all of them took care of him alternately, n were actually good handling him…gone were the immature boys as I had known n remembered them as….
Now all the fun part seems to be over…n the difficult wait begins....

song of the day : ek do teen from the song, the fabulous dance by madhuri...n it fits my situation perfectly