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lessons learned from Yeh Jawaani Hai Diwani

Saw Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani last weekend.....this is not a movie review though...this is about some important life lessons conveyed in the movie in a very simple, easy going way....didnt make it preachy or too senti (well little senti but not an overdose) and very importantly without saying only THAT ONE WAY is right and other is wrong...

it is story of 4 friends...bunny, aditi, avi, and naina....story revolves mainly around Bunny (ranbir kapoor) who is a free spirited youngster wanting to explore the world...he doesnt want to be tied to a place or person...naina is exact opposite, she wants to be rooted in the place she has grown up in...wants to live in the city close to her parents and friends...the beauty of the story is in the second part when the friends meet for aditi's wedding after 8 years....Bunny has achieved his dream, has a job with travelling show...seen numerous cities in world...naina has lived her dream, owns a clinic....

i liked the bunny VS naina sequence, the your life VS my life part and at last they admit that none of them are wrong...we are just different (lesson 1) admitting that people are different and that not one way is the right way...

the joy of living in different cities cannot be compared to being able to catch up with old friends or being able to meet your parents as and when you wish....they are apples and gotta choose between one...and thats the second matter how much you try, you are going to miss something....if you do not make a conscious choice based on your priorities, circumstances/ life will make these choices for you and you wont be able to change it as the time has passed....

leading to the 3rd lesson...loved the dialogue "waqt beteta hai, par kharchte hum hai" meaning "time passes but we get spent"....if we do not have the priorities straight...time passes by and takes a toll on us if we do not utilize the time in an effective and conscious way keeping in mind the goal we want to achieve and set priorities accordingly.

Next lesson, "har cheez ka ek sahi waqt hota hai"...meaning "there is a right time for every decision/ action"...once my cousin told me, decisions are made to be a given point you might decide something and act accordingly...but with time, circumstances change, priorities do not hesitate to re-analyze your decisions and alter them as per your current situation...

i also liked the sequence, when bunny is not welcomed warmly by avi...when returning back he sees naina sitting with her feet immersed in water...the moment he tries to dip his feet, he instantly removes saying water is too cold...naina tells him, be patient and water will feel alright...and he slowly immerses his feet again and after little while he is OK...this is so true for every new situation we face in our lives...but if we just remain patient, we will get adjusted to it and the change will not seem so bad...

make new friends but do not forget the old...the friendships forged in growing up years cannot be replaced ever....the bonds are just not the same...sure make new friends...have fun...but keep in touch with the old friends...they are ones who know you, who you can be yourself with, they are your friends for no other reason besides the fact that they love you and care about you...

last and most important...the scene when Bunny has to leave for Chicago and sees his dad crying silently.....he tells him that he wont go if the dad says says OK dont go..and he says Fine i wont...then the dad tells him to go and that just the fact that bunny is willing to stay back for him is enough for him.....this is the story of every individual who has parents back in India...remember what they have done for you...that they have given us the opportunity to grow, learn and make our life not thinking about themselves even for a moment...their love for us is the most selfless love...always remember this throughout life..

wow...turned out to be lot longer than i expected...sorry if it seems like a lecture...go ahead watch the is fun though...liked all the is my favourite, loved ranbir's dance...
badtameez dil


Anonymous said…
WOW !! nice !! you have explained nicely :) true lessons...:)

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