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veronica vs meera

i read chetan bhagat's article on TOI about depictions shown in movie COCKTAIL...the link to the article is here. so i am writing this two bit sense and opinions on women working, having fun, getting married etc.

what i feel is in every person lies these two personalities...Veronica and loving, exuberant, careless vs responsible mature family oriented.....and it would be very judgemental to think one cannot be with the other..... yes, facts wont change, guys when they want to have a girl friend they want veronica...nobody thinks that meera might also enjoy a night is assumed that meera isn't the type....and when it comes to marriage, guys find it hard to believe that a girl like veronica can be responsible...

as far as guys selecting girls go (going back to my take on chetan bhagat's article)...well, i believe to each his own...some guys want a woman who works while some want a house wife....and same is true with girls...some girls want to work and some are comfortable being India, arranged marriages are still very much functional...and successfully so....the good part about it is, these days women too have a they can very well refuse to marry a guy who blatantly tells her that she is not allowed to work post marriage.....women are not just meant for for a guy to expect that his woman leaves everything and sticks to kitchen is completely unreasonable.....but these things get cleared up right at first girls and guys know if they are interested in the opposite person or not.......

also i believe that girls should work....not just to earn money...but to keep themselves learn new break the monotony of day to day go meet new make a part of something big happening in the world.....and trust me your children and husband will be so proud of you when they see the respect you command.....when people appreciate you...for your work, knowledge etc...

wrapping this post up i feel that each of us (girls and guys) have to grow up and become Meera someday....veronica has a mind of a kid...she is still in the pleasure seeking mode...she thinks of nothing besides what will please her.....and one day veronica has to undergo the metamorphosis to become like Meera....that doesnt mean u cant have fun....of course u can...just that u know that there is much more in life than just having fun.... we have to strike a balance between Meera and Veronica....


Kandi said…
This is how we in India percieve personalities - Meeran and Veronica as two seperate entities. Abroad,(except the middle east) women have equal rights as men; hence they see veronica and meera as phases of life and that they are fully acceptable. Our society just cannot accept the fact that women and men can be equal. Recent events of molestations are a key evidence to that. We look at women as a housewife and that she is confined to the kitchen and children - period. It is okay if a boy has a girlfriend, but if a girl has a boyfriend - thats taboo. We want to go the western ways of life, but still stick to the Indian social way of life. That is not really possible in the larger sense. We have to change. Soon!
Ashwini said…
nice analysis Rhythm, I guess Chetan missed a very crucial part of both of their personalities and why the guy picked meera.the key point is - Meera also worked. the guy didnt pick Meera because she was a docile housewife. she was equally smart as Veronica (i would say even smarter based on their respective professions, but not to stereotype any profession)and it had nothing to do with who can cook better. nowhere in the movie the guy says that he picked meera because of her docile nature and he could better control her than veronica. correct me if I am wrong. on the other side, Veronica had a bad childhood and that was the reason of her one-night-stand personality, maybe he didnt want to marry a girl with such a messed up mind and rather marry someone who grew up in a proper family as him. I guess the guy picked meera because she was more composed and together. veronica was messed up and didnt handle her bad childhood well.

BTW good to visit your blog after so long. keep blogging. :)

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