Sunday, July 21, 2013

beginning of a new era :)

Finally, the day is almost there...tomorrow morning my husband will be with me....2.5 years of wait, meeting with deadlines, teary farewells at the airport, the painful immigration process, checking visa bulletin every month, praying for priority date to arrive etc etc. all a thing of the we shall be together and build our life together

feeling so many emotions right now, happy, super happy, happy till i explode, little nervous, loads of excitement......all at the same time...

thanking god at this moment, that he saw me thru this tough phase. thanking my entire family for their love and support and encouragement; without who I wouldn't be here; my sister, she literally saw me u bena...both moms and dads, they gave me the strength to walk the path...and ravi, he was there with me every step of the way....of course i cannot forget kaka n kaki, without whose support this day was not possible....

today i feel, like in Joey's words, "it is end of an era" but i would like to rephrase it as "beginning of new era...." WELCOME TO USA RAVI :)

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