Thursday, October 29, 2009

diwali 09

finally my exams and assignments r over!!!!!!! n i m free to write about my unique diwali!!!
well i dont know if u guys know or not....that i have got a job for weekends at a south indian restaurant..bhimas...n my luck as it is diwali was on a saturday!!!!!!!!! so essentially what i am trying to say is i was working at bhimas on saturday...

well initially i was not at all happy.....i was like...yeh kya hai!!!!!!!! diwali ke din kaam karneka!!!!!! n i was really missing home n i was feeling little bad.......but as the day was fun...watching families come (remembered our families get together at tunga...the only difference was that this time around i was at the other side of the table...i was serving not ordering food)...big groups of people many groups of indians n non was nice to see non indians with a red teeka on the forhead...i was like it "sab mandir jaake aaye hai lagta hai :)"
to each guest we all would go n wish them......happy diwali......happy new yr....with a big was fun to be around indians...i was just exactly at the right place i think.....coz everyone who was celebrating diwali was at artesia...the mood was infectious :)

where else in long beach would i find so many indians at one place....the atmosphere was wonderful at artesia...the next day of diwali...we had a dinner of all the employees at bhimas...which was fun too...had thums up :)...we all had a good interactive session....people i work with are good :) more about it in some post!!!!!! will have to dedicate an entire post to it.....

well so coming back to the end of the day...i was very tired...after a very hectic day we went for  geeta's bday celebration, cake was very pranav et al's home they had kept 27 bhog prasad....i had vada pav after a long long was a fun filled day...lots of laughter....lots of interaction....good people coming....apart from missing crackers n rangoli n everyone from my big noisy family.....the weekend went quite well!!!!!!!!! had a fun filled, unique diwali :) :)

song of the day : nickelback, far away....loved the lyrics....very beautiful

Saturday, October 17, 2009

happy diwali!!!!!!!!!!! n saal mubarak :) :) :)

jus want to wish all of u a very happy diwali and a prosperous new yr!!!!!!
happy diwali to one n all......not a lot to write at the moment...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

bhalera bhinda (stuffed okra)

ingredients :
washed and dry okra, chopped into 2 big pieces and a vertical slit made (to fill the filling)

for the filling :
roasted and crushed peanuts  1 cup
chopped cilantro and crushed coconuts 1 cup
green chilly paste, garlic paste, ginger paste
red chilly powder, turmeric powder, cumin-coriander powder,
salt to taste, lemon juice ( 2 teaspoon) , pinch of sugar.
oil (1 tablespoon for binding)
Optional : chickpea floor (besan) 2 table spoons
Oil for cooking 2 tablespoon

if u using chickpea flour then u need to roast it first and add red chilly powder, turmeric and cumin- coriander powder while it is getting roasted. once it turns dark yellow and u get the aroma of roasted flour stop it and remove it in a plate (coz other wise the flour will get burnt even if u turn off the stove coz the vessel will still be hot)

for the filling :
mix ground peanuts, ground coconut, chopped cilantro.
add red chilly powder, turmeric powder, cumin cilantro powder, salt, lemon juice, sugar, ginger garlic n chilly paste.mix everything nicely.

now fill the stuffing in the okra.
take some oil in a pan, add hing (asofoetida one pinch) to the oil and add the stuffed okra to the oil.
stir it every five to ten min so that okra does not get stuck to the pan. add some oil if u feel the okra is too dry.

cover the pan with a lid with water so that okra gets cooked in steam if you feel its taking longer than necessary to cook. Ideally it should be ready in 20 - 25 min.

once the okra is cooked, you can add the roasted chickpea flour n stir the okra while it is getting cooked..

optional : u can add potatoes to the okra...if u do first saute the  sliced patatoes in oil (add salt chilly powder n turmeric powder to potatoes as its getting cooked)

the only reason chickpea flour is optional is it soaks up a lot of if u using it in stuffing then u ll use oil four times more than u do for the stuffing without the its a good idea to sprinkle some after the okra is cooked.
song of the day :

Thursday, October 8, 2009

from my bday in india- to my bday in california....7th oct 2009

well this yr that was a new bday celebrations began much earlier than usual n lasted much later than bday lasted for more than 24 hours...thanks to being in california!!!!!!

i received my first bday wish at 12 pm 6th it was 12 am 7th in india...n the first poeple to wish me were anu, mitu n mayur...thank u so much folks :) :) you began my bday with a bang!!!!!!!

then as the history goes i have some or the other exam on my bday...nt his one was no exception!!!!! i had a biostat quiz, so i was studing for it on the eve of my bday....
then my as the clock stuck friends from LB came to our apt with cake n gifts!!!! was a very pleasant surprise :) :) had fun with chintan sunil naimish rakesh ravi pranav darshit....n of course my dear roommates rushika teju krishma n bhoomi...
calls form india had begun from 11 30 pm only!!!!! spoke with mom dad mitu devang (he is in san diego though) ushma, aniket (he sure called dot at 12 :) perfect timing )n sunjyot.....clicked pics...ate cake!!!!!
chatted with friends almost thru the night :) :)
got up arnd 11...studied for the quiz.....went for lecture wearing my fav salwar khameez....
quiz went well (as splurged on snickers n mini pretzels...have been wanting to eat them since some time...n i thought wat better day than bday to buy it!!!!!!

calls kept coming thru the day...received calls from chitra mohini raja sachin bamasi ba palakididi rushi sudeep mayur sujalben....cud not take some calls as i was in lecture....sorry folks...will call u back over the weekend some scraps on orkut...these were very special coz i had deleted my bday from orkut...n i got some very pleasant surprises...some of my old school friends actually remembered my bday!!!!!!!! got scraps from prassana himali arshad lynette pallavi shravanthi atul n jaimin...u all guys rock!!!!! u dont know how special i felt that u rememebered my bday n wished me....
also on FB friends sent wall posts....arvind adarsh shikha vikjiju sujalben ishan geeta teja payal n chintan...thanks u people too :)
got emails from aditya n macwin...n lots of sweet cards from chitra...n chits loved ur gift...its very special :)

all in all turning 26 was fun...had a very nice how i feel being 26 is another got to write an entire post abt it !!!!!!!!!!!

love this song....hopefully someday someone will play this song for me :)